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Vertigo-Dizziness Treatment in Kolkata

Feeling Spinning Sensation? Get Vertigo-Dizziness Treatment in Kolkata

Vertigo-dizziness is the problem which is ignored by many. People don’t understand the conditions also. So here is a piece of information describing about vertigo and dizziness faced by people. Learn about vertigo-dizziness treatment in Kolkata.
Vertigo-dizziness treatment in Kolkata

What is It?

Dizziness, imbalance, vertigo are all terms used to denote a condition where there is a disorder of the balance organs of the body,
giving rise to an abnormal sense of motion of one’s body in the absence of any external movement of the environment. This abnormal sensation may be of rotation or spinning,
giddiness, light headedness etc. Vertigo is the term used for any type of abnormal motion although true vertigo means sensation of rotation or spinning.

How to find out the Cause

Vertigo may or may not be associated with nausea/vomiting, deafness or headache or other neurological feautures. It may be severe and short lasting
or it may be mild and prolonged. The most important step in diagnosing the cause of vertigo is details history obtained from the patient followed by clinical examination & tests
for vestibular function. In more than 90% cases the cause of vertigo can be ascertained in this way.

There are several sophisticated laboratory tests like ENG, VNG, CCG ,VEMP which is helpful in diagnosis of vertigo Most of these tests also called “Vestibular Function Tests” also being done at UDICHI. contrast MRI of brain is the ultimate confirmatory test. Most of the common causes of rotatery vertigo are due to disorder of the peripheral vestibular system,
which comprises of the semi circular canals in the inner ear, the proprioceptive receptors present in the weight bearing joints & cervical spine, and the eye ball muscles.


Most of the time vertigo recovers spontaneously within a few days to weeks. Anti-Vertigo drugs are not recommended for prolonged use as these
interfere with the brain’s natural compensatory mechanism. For prolonged vertigo, vestibular rehabilitation exercises are quite helpful. Positioning manoeuvres like Epley’s or
Semont’s are very helpfull in treating positional Vertigo.
Vertigo-dizziness treatment in Kolkata