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Snoring And Sleer Apnoea


What is the problem & how to find out the cause:-

Snoring is a very common problem affecting most people above 40 yrs, more frequent in males. The snoring sound is produce by vibration of the soft tissues of the palate, the tongue or the throat. Often snoring is associated with sleep apnoea which means complete stoppage of breathing for 20 secs or more, resulting in repeated arousals and restlessness during the entire sleep period. Polysomnography or Sleep Study is a common test which is performed by a machine attached to the patients body through wires and electrodes, to detect changes in the patients’ breathing, heart rate, oxygen saturation etc during the night. This study can be performed at the patients home. The severity of the patients problem is determined from this study and treatment is planned accordingly. Another test for this disorder is Drug Induced Sleep Endoscopy (DISE), which is done by inducing sleep artificially in the operation theatre and a flexible fibre scope is introduced through the nose and passed up to the larynx (the deepest region of the throat), to detect the level and source of the snoring sound caused by collapse and vibration of the airway resulting in obstructive sleep apnoea.

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Depending on the result and interpretation of the above tests the treatment modality, whether surgical or conservative is determined.
Conservative measures include weight reduction, dietary habit changes (like avoidance of alcohol, smoking, spicy food); CPAP machine usage during sleep.
CPAP is a small portable machine which delivers air under pressure to the patients nose and mouth via special face mask. Surgical treatment is directed to the level of
obstruction of the air way as found by DISE test. The most common surgery which is performed is Tonsillectomy and Laser assisted UPP, with significant success rate.
For obstruction lower down in the throat, recently robotic surgery appears to be successful in experienced hand.
Snoring treatment in Kolkata