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Sleep Apnoea Treatment in Kolkata

Sleep Apnoea Treatment Available in Kolkata

Do you often stop breathing during your sleep? Don’t you get the proper amount of sleep during the night? Then you may be battling the sleep apnoea which is considered as the main reason behind these problems and get right sleep apnoea treatment in Kolkata.

What is Sleep Apnoea and its Types?

Sleep apnoea is different than snoring. It affects the way we breathe. Untreated condition may interrupt the flexible breathing. In this condition, the breathing stops for 10-20 seconds during the sleeping time. This may happen several times during the night. Sleep apnoea can introduce several health problems like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure and overweight. There are there types of sleep apnoea has been diagnosed. They are obstructive sleep apnoea, central sleep apnoea and complex sleep apnoea.

Symptoms Associated

Chocking or gasping during the snoring or sleeping is the major symptom of the sleep apnoea. Morning headaches, poor concentration, depressed mood, mood swings, dry mouth, sore throat can be the related symptoms of the conditions.

Self-help to Treat the Problem

Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking if you do not wish to get sleep apnoea. Quit sedatives, sleeping pills, caffeine, heavy meals before going to sleep. One must have the proper sleeping position to control the condition also.

Get Treatment for your Condition

It is possible to get sleep apnoea treatment in Kolkata. It is the wish of the people to get the quality help in treating their conditions. UDICHI is named as one of the fewones offering the treatment by delivering the utmost cure. Their complete dedication in taking care of every situation is making them the best. A group of highly qualified and skilled doctors are managing this organisation only. Prof.Dr. S. D. Mukhopadhay is guiding them to carry on this success profile. Their high moral values and ethical approach in the medical practise field is making them the choicest place among the domestic patients.

The Services Available at their Centre

There are two types of facilities available under their wings. They are indoor facilities and outdoor facilities. Consultation, examination of the ear under microscope, micro suction of the ear, nasal endoscopy, fibre-optic laryngoscopy, audiometry, tympanometry, and speech therapy is carried out under the outdoor facility. While the indoor facilities available are divided into 5 categories- ear, nose, throat, head-neck surgery and cosmetic surgery. All the prices related to these services are available on their website for the benefit of the patients.

Doctors perform the tests and surgery by maintaining the proper guideline and method only. All types of micro-ear and micro-laryngeal surgeries are presented at their place. Patients and their families must note that best doctors are those who understands and takes care of all the small points of the ailments. They don’t negotiate the danger at any point of time.