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29th and 30th September, 2018

Workshop on Ear-Surgery (Microscopem vs. Endoscope) 29th and 30th September, 2018

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Head-Neck Cancer Surgery in Kolkata

UDICHI: The Institution for your Head and Neck Cancer Surgery Present in Kolkata

Are you in need of head or neck surgery? Do you want to cure your head or neck cancer through surgery as early as possible? Then take a close look down here to know the best Head-Neck cancer surgery in Kolkata.
Head-Neck cancer surgery in Kolkata

What is Head & Neck Cancer?

Cancer is a malignant growth affecting any organ or region of the body, when there is abnormal & uncontrolled tissue growth, leading to destruction,
invasion , loss of function and finally death. Head & Neck cancers are very common among the Indians & they include cancers arising in the ears, nose & sinuses, orbit, oral cavity
& tongue, neck glands(Thyroid, Parotid & Submandibular salivary gland, Lymph nodes) , the larynx & pharynx(throat).

Awareness & Early Detection:

Awareness about the risk factors like tobacco, betel & paan masal chewing, smoking and their avoidance. Also prompt treatment of long standing oral
problems like burning, mouth ulcers and dental disorders, help to prevent cancer. Early detection and treatment at the initial stage often cures most of these cancers. Oral Subnucus Fibrosis (OSMF) is a common pre-cancerous condition in the part of the country caused by gutkha, betelnut& tobacco chewing. Proper treatment of OSMF helps prevent Cancer.
Delay in starting treatment causes the disease to spread to other regions of the body- called Metastasis, and then it becomes incurable. LASER excision of suspicious oral leisons is done at UDICHI, at affordable charges.

Treatment of Head & Neck Cancer:

Treatment is by Surgery or Radio-therapy alone, or in combination. Chemo therapy is usually given along with surgery or radio therapy.
At UDICHI surgical treatment for most Head & Neck Cancers are being done, along with Chemo therapy if required.
Head-Neck cancer surgery in Kolkata